About The Book

  • You’ve Got Music! – All-round Empowerment for the Musician!!!
    No matter how talented you are as a musician, there are certain basic skills and knowledge you can’t succeed without. Talent and passion are only an entry point, you need to fortify yourself with professional skills.

    Experts say that over the next ten years, jobs in art, music, culture and entertainment will grow twice as many as jobs in engineering will. Those who've been educated in the arts will have a great advantage over those who have not. The era of mediocrity in music performance and business is almost over, and soon, only the well rooted players will remain in the game.

    It is evident of course, that several publications around the world have dissected the subjects contained in this book, but, you will agree with me that it is very rare to find one that combines all these aspects in a single publication. That is the uniqueness of the book ‘You’ve Got Music’.  We have included information spanning theory of music, voice training, instrument lessons, Music Composition, Music business, Showmanship and several other information contained in the appendixes.